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What’s New in ShoreTel 7.5

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As the latest enhancement to the award-winning ShoreTel Pure IP Unified Communications solutions, ShoreTel 7.5 offers customers new options for extending corporate communications to mobile workers, increased support for international locations and reliable switches that provide twice the capacity by doubling the number of users that can be served from a single voice switch, while cutting in half the footprint of the previous generation of hardware saving space.

  • ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager, productivity tools for mobile devices

  • Native BRI connectivity

  • Supports 11 languages and 20 countries’ dial plans

  • Increased capacity, doubling the number of users that can be served from a single switch

  • Three new switches, cutting the footprint in half enabling more effective use of space

  • Two new telephones:

    • ShorePhone IP 265, which features an easy-to-read, high-contrast color display, full duplex speakerphone

    • ShorePhone IP 115, an enhanced entry-level phone with built-in speakerphone 


Introducing ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager

For the first time, ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager brings Personal Call Manager functionality to mobile phones.

ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager is designed to improve business productivity, teamwork and customer service levels. It enables a mobile device to function as an extension, seamlessly connecting to the mobile worker no matter where they are located. It provides an interface, similar to Personal Call Manager, for instantly and visually accessing ShoreWare client information. In addition to initiating calls from the Call History, Voicemail and QuickDialer screens, end users can access their voicemail and easily optimize their call handling and Office Anywhere mode settings to meet the needs of their current availability.

New Switches

Three New Switches for Enterprise Customers

For large organizations with numerous branch office, the ShoreTel 7.5 release now supports up to 500 switches per system in a smaller footprint, enabling more effective use of space. The new switches, ShoreGear 220T1A, ShoreGear 220E1 and ShoreGear 90BRI are 100 percent interoperable with existing ShoreGear switches, allowing customers to easily deploy any combination of new and existing switches.

ShoreGear 220T1A *
In a single 1U, half-width box, the ShoreGear 220T1A switch combines a T1 trunk interface with SIP trunk support, 2 loop start trunks, 4 analog extensions with built-in capacity to support up to 220 IP phones.
ShoreGear 220E1 *
The ShoreGear 220E1 combines an E1 trunk interface, SIP trunk support and support for up to 220 IP phones into one compact package.
ShoreGear 90BRI *
The ShoreGear 90BRI features support for 4 BRI trunks (8 channels), 4 analog extensions and SIP trunk support.

Expanded International Support

With this new release, ShoreTel offers grater flexibility for international deployments, allowing multinational companies to leverage an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, single-image system across globally distributed locations.

The ShoreTel 7.5 release now supports the following languages and 20 countries’ dial plans.

Support TBR21 Analog Trunk
For Western Europe, analog trunks are supported on ShoreGear 50 (4 FXO) and ShoreGear 90 (8 FXO) models.
Multiple Emergency Numbers
With the ShoreTel 7.5 release, the administrator can define up to 10 emergency numbers per site and choose whether a Trunk Access Code is required before dialing an emergency number.

New Phones

For organizations with numerous offices and tasks to be done, the new telephones in the ShoreTel ShorePhone line make it more cost effective for companies by targeting the right phone to match the positional need of that station.

ShorePhone IP 265 *
ShoreTel introduces the ShorePhone IP 265, which is designed for knowledge workers. This compact phone features a crisp backlit color display that delivers 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Available in black and silver, the IP 265 includes six line keys and comes standard with full-duplex speakerphone and an integrated headset jack.
ShorePhone IP 115 *
The IP 115 builds on the ShorePhone IP 110, a cost-effective, single-line IP telephone, by adding a speakerphone. It’s ideally suited for lobbies, shop floors or dorm rooms.

Other System Enhancements


Password Aging
Voicemail Password Aging enables the administrator to configure a threshold for voicemail password expiration. When the threshold is reached, users are prompted to change their passwords.
Paging Extensions
With the ShoreTel's 7.5 release, Paging Extensions can be included into a Paging Group. This allows callers to send page announcements simultaneously to the overhead system of one or more sites, as well as all other extensions in the group’s Extension List.

The ShoreTel 7.5 Release

This release offers customers new options for extending corporate communication to mobile workers, increased support for international locations, reliable switches that provide twice the capacity by doubling the number of users that can be served from a single voice switch, while cutting in half the footprint of the previous generation of hardware saving space, and two new telephones in the ShorePhone line of products.

ShoreTel delivers its unique distributed software architecture on a switch-based appliance that is deployed across a customer’s networks. This combination of a highly reliable embedded appliance and advanced communication capabilities provides enterprise customer a reliable, always-on communication solution. ShoreTel’s reliability, ease-of-use and low total cost of ownership have resulted in high customer satisfaction and broad industry recognition.

* Not all products will be available in all countries. Please call your local ShoreTel representative, distributor or local reseller for specific availability.


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