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Shoreline Communications Wins Second "Networks as Advertised" Award From Mier Communications

Award is Shoreline's Seventh In Last Six Months
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SUNNYVALE, CA, January 29, 2001 - Shoreline Communications, the leading provider of enterprise-class IP voice communication systems, today announced that it has won Mier Communications "NetWORKS As Advertised" award for the second year in a row. The award will be presented to Shoreline on February 1, 2001 at ComNet.

"The Shoreline Communications System version 2.0 we tested works as advertised," said Ed Mier, founder of Mier Communications. "Its unique distributed call-control architecture avoids most single-box failures. All the performance results collectively reveal a truly native-IP telephony system that delivers very good voice quality and reliability."

"Mier Communications' stringent lab testing confirms what hundreds of enterprise customers already know - Shoreline is delivering a world class voice platform that is simply powerful, unifying sites, people and applications across a single IP infrastructure," said John Fazio, president and CEO of Shoreline Communications. "This award, along with the others we've won in recent months, proves our product leadership and explains why we have pulled ahead of Avaya, Nortel and several other vendors in IP voice shipments."

The Mier's NAA award follows six other awards that Shoreline has received over the past six months including: InternetWeek Best of Breed, Internet Telecom Expo Best of Show, Call Center CRM Solutions Editor's Choice Award, Internet Telephony Product of the Year, Communications Solutions Product of the Year, and InternetWeek Best of Best.

At the heart of the Shoreline system is the standards-based Distributed Internet Voice Architecture (DIVA), which uniquely distributes software call control intelligence across multiple local or remote locations, rather than centralizing it at the network core. DIVA gives companies a simple, modular approach to building a distributed, easily scalable IP voice communications system with no single point of failure. DIVA enables a customer to deploy a Shoreline system across virtually any number of sites, yet still manage all distributed resources as a single, integrated IP voice communications system. This greatly simplifies such normally complex configuration and administration tasks as adds, moves, and changes.

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications Inc. has been making IP voice communications a reality in the enterprise since October 1998, shipping more than 40,000 IP voice ports to enterprise and service provider customers. The award-winning Shoreline IP Voice Communications System is a platform based on Shoreline's Distributed Internet Voice Architecture (DIVA), designed to meet requirements of enterprise and emerging service provider customers for scalability, reliability, and manageability. In addition, the Shoreline system provides both a rich set of integrated voice services as well as standards-based interfaces to 3rd party voice applications that enhance personal and organizational productivity. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

About Mier Communications

MIER Communications, founded in 1988, is an independent networking consultancy and product-test center located in Princeton Junction, NJ. The company pioneered the comparative assessment of networking hardware and software, having developed methodologies for testing products from ATM switches to network operating systems. In 1995, the company launched its "NetWORKS As Advertised" program, in which any vendor can submit its networking-related products for a comprehensive, independent assessment. MIERComms also publishes special reports on important networking technologies. Call 609-275-7311 for more information on the latest report, "Getting VoIP to Work." Visit for more information on MIERComm's full line of products and services.

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