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Shoreline Gives Voice to Navy's New Mobile Surgical Unit

Remotely Managed ShoreGear IP-PBX Packs Best and Most Features into Lightest Device
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SUNNYVALE, CA, March 11, 2003 - Shoreline Communications, a pioneer in the development of IP PBX systems, today announced that a next-generation Expeditionary Surgical Unit (ESU), recently dedicated by the U.S. Navy's Fleet Hospital Support Office (FHSO), uses Shoreline Communications' award-winning IP-PBX technology for its voice communications. Designed by government IT solutions aggregator GTSI Corp., the mobile facility is based on a converged IP network that provides real-time voice and data communications with the U.S. military's Joint Force Commands.

Created in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the ESU is a lighter, more flexible facility that enables the Navy to respond more quickly to the medical needs of the fleet and the Marines in potential conflict situations. Shoreline's voice technology was chosen because it

  • can be configured and managed remotely from an intuitive Web interface
  • packs the richest feature set into the smallest device
  • is compatible with the Navy's existing legacy voice equipment and secure analog phones
  • provides high-quality voice communication over existing mobile multiplexers and satellite terminals

"Being able to configure and manage the Shoreline IP phone system from a single remote site is a critical factor in our deployment of ESU communications," said GTSI's Scott Friedlander, vice president of sales, Technology Teams. "Weight and easy configuration are also key for a mobile medical-response unit, and Shoreline's ShoreGear IP PBX equipment provides an industry leading feature-to-weight ratio."

When the ESU is moved to a new location, the Shoreline voice network is brought online without any hands-on help from voice or data experts. The entire process can be handled remotely from an intuitive Web interface that requires minimal training and provides a complete view of the ESU network.

The Shoreline solution also lowers the cost of voice communications dramatically. Earlier generations of the ESU restricted real-time communications because voice calls were made over very expensive satellite links using time that was purchased from commercial carriers. Only the most urgent calls were allowed. The ShoreGear equipment packetizes voice and enables it to ride for free over existing IP backbones, greatly facilitating communications to and from the ESU.

The converged voice and data network also provides a platform for next-generation applications and real-time collaboration that will enable ESU personnel to leverage remote medical information resources and human expertise.

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications, Inc., has been shipping IP PBX systems since October 1998. The company's award-winning IP telephone solution is based on a distributed call-control architecture that creates a seamless single telephone system across multiple locations within an enterprise, delivering high system availability and eliminating the "single point of failure" problem common to other products. An intuitive PC-based user interface gives management an unprecedented level of control, and end users unmatched ease of use, compared to traditional PBXs. The Shoreline system also provides a rich set of integrated voice services and standards-based interfaces to third-party voice applications that enhance personal and organizational productivity. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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